Sunday, April 19, 2009

Current GK 2008 – 2009

Q-1 IES stands for ----------
(a) Indian Economic Service
(b) Indian Engine Service
(c) Indian Eastern Service
(d) None
Q-2 Which of the following is a university?
(a) STD
(b) HPL
(c) LPU
(d) None
Q-3 LPU stands for -------------
(a) Lovely Professional University
(b) Lonely Professional University
(c) Laser Plate Unit
(d) None
Q-4 RTI stands for ---------------------
(a) Right to interest
(b) Right to information
(c) Right to interrogate
(d) None
Q-5 Who is Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP?
(a) Rajnath
(b) Arun Jaitley
(c) L.K. Advani
(d) None
Q-6 Who is Leader of Bhartia Janshakti Party?
(a) Uma Bharti
(b) Sonia Gandhi
(c) L.K. Advani
(d) None
Q-7 BKU stands for ------------------------
(a) Bhartia Kisan Union
(b) Bharat King Union
(c) British king Union
(d) None
Q-8 Headquarter of TCYonline.com is in ------------------
(a) Amritsar
(b) Ludhiana
(c) Jalandhar
(d) None
Q-9 UPA alliance is led by --------------
(a) BJP
(b) Congress
(c) CPI
(d) None
Q-10 NDA alliance is led by ----------------
(a) BJP
(b) Congress
(c) SAD
(d) None
Q-11 UPA stands for -------------
(a) United Pure Alliance
(b) United Progressive Alliance
(c) Union Pure Action
(d) None
Q-12 NDA stands for -----------
(a) National Democratic Alliance
(b) National Degree Alter
(c) National Decorator Advice
(d) None
Q-13 PRP is party of which actor?
(a) SRK
(b) Chiranjivi
(c) Amir Khan
(d) Salman Khan
Q-14 PRP stands for --------------
(a) Praja Rajyam Party
(b) Priya Rajyam Party
(c) a & b
(d) None
Q-15 Mulayam Singh Yadav is a Supremo of ---------------
(a) BJP
(b) SP
(c) Congress
(d) None
Q-16 Who is TDP founder?
(a) N.T. Ramarao
(b) Chadere Babu Naidu
(c) Chianjivi
(d) None
Q-17 Who is AICCC chief ?
(a) Rahul Gandhi
(b) Sonia Gandhi
(c) Prianka Gandhi
(d) None
Q-18 President of SGPC is -------------
(a) Arjun Singh
(b) Amrinder Singh
(c) Avtar Singh
(d) None
Q-19 SGPC related to which community ---------------- ?
(a) Hindu
(b) Sikh
(c) Muslim
(d) None
Q-20 SGPC stands for -------------
(a) Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak Committee
(b) Sardar Gurudwara Prahar Committee
(c) a & b
(d) None
Q-21 KP Singh is a famous personality related to ------------
(a) DLF
(b) HCL
(d) None
Q-22 ‘The money you can bank upon’ is a business slogan of -----------------
(a) PNB
(c) HDFC
(d) None
Q-23 MNS is a regional party belongs to ---------------
(a) Maharashtra
(b) TN
(c) AP
(d) None
Q-24 Sheela Dixit is a CM of -----------
(a) Delhi
(b) HP
(c) TN
(d) None
Q-25 Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal is a CM of HP belongs to which party ?
(a) RJD
(b) BJP
(c) Congress
(d) None
1. (a) Indian Economic Service
2. (c) LPU
3. (a) Lovely Professional University
4. (b) Right to information
5. (c) L.K. Advani
6. (a) Uma Bharti
7. (a) Bhartia Kisan Union
8. (b) Ludhiana
9. (b) Congress
10. (a) BJP
11. (b) United Progressive Alliance
12 (a) National Democratic Alliance
13. (b) Chiranjivi
14. (a) Praja Rajyam Party
15. (b) SP
16. (a) N.T. Ramarao
17. (b) Sonia Gandhi
18. (c) Avtar Singh
19. (b) Sikh
20. (a) Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandhak Committee
21. (a) DLF
22. (a) PNB
23 (a) Maharashtra
24 (a) Delhi
25 (b) BJP

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Current GK

Q-1 Recently which country is affected by terrorist attack?
(a) India (b) Pakistan
(c) Sri Lanka (d) None
Q-2 Name the city which is affected by terrorist on 30th March 2009?
(a) Lahore (b) Mumbai
(c) Chini (d) None
Q-3 NSA stands for
(a) National Standard Act (b) National Security Act
(c) National Stand Art Action
(d) None
Q-4 Which place is affected by terrorist is Lahore?
(a) National Assembly (b) Police Academy
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-5 What is name of police academy affected by terrorist?
(a) Manawan police training center
(b) Murli training center (c) A&B
(d) None
Q-6 Capt. Kanwaljit Singh belongs to which party?
(a) BJP (b) SAD
(c) Congress (d) None
Q-7 Who is son of capt. Kanawaljit Singh?
(a) Jasbir Singh Bunny (b) Ashish
(c) Jagmit Singh (d) None
Q-8 “Inspired by challenge” is business slogan of which group?
(a) Tata (b) M&M
(c) Trident (d) None
Q-9 Scooter Activa is product of------------
(a) Honda (b) Bajaj
(c) LML (d) None
Q-10 Who is lawyer of kasab?
(a) Ashwin Apte (b) Anjali Waghmore
(c) Aamir Khan (d) None
Q-11 G-20 Summit held in------
(a) London (b) China
(c) America (d) None
Q-12 CTBT stands for ---------------
(a) Complete Test Ban Treaty
(b) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
(c) Central Test Ban Treaty
(d) None
Q-13 Who is spiritual leader of Tibetan?
(a) Menka Gandhi (b) Dalai Lama
(c) Karmapa (d) None
Q-14 What is score of VVS Laxman in second test at Napier?
(a) 124 not out (b) 125 (c) 130 (d) None
Q-15 ------- is winner of Arnold Palmer invitational Golf tournament (a) Tiger (b) Tiger wood
(c) Amone (d) None
Q-16 KKR stands for
(a) Kolkata knight Range (b) Kolkata knight Rider
(c) a & b (d) None
Q-17 Who is brand Ambassador of BSNL?
(a) SRK (b) Deepika Padukon
(c) a&b (d) None
Q-18 EVM machines are mainly used in -------------
(a) Election (b) Shopkeeper
(c) a&b (d) None
Q-19 EVM stands for
(a) Electronic Vacant Machine
(b) Electronic Voting Machine
(c) a &b
(d) None
Q-20 Which of the following is a bank?
(a) ICICI (b) Tata
(c) M&M (d) None
Q-21 Who is Punjab Pradesh Congress President?
(a) M.S. Singh (b) M.S.Kaypee
(c) L.P.Radhava (d) None
Q-22 --------- is Chairman & Managing Director of Bharti group.
(a) Sunil Mittal (b) B.Mittal
(c) a & b (d) None
Q-23 Airtel is a company of ---------
(a) S.B. Mittal (b) Anil Ambani
(c) Y.R. Reddy (d) None
Q-24 MMU stands for --------------
(a) Memorandum of understanding
(b) Mahavira Markandeshwar University
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-25 Which of the following is a Car?
(a) Elantra (b) Splendour
(c) Activa (d) None


1 (b) Pakistan
2 (a) Lahore
3 (b) National Security Act
4 (b) Police Academy
5 (a) Manawan Police Training Center
6 (b) SAD
7 (a) Jasbir Singh Bunny
8 (c) Trident
9 (a) Honda
10 (b) Anjali Waghmore
11 (a) London
12 (b) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
13 (b) Dalai Lama
14 (a) 124 not out
15 (b) Tiger wood
16 (b) Kolkata knight Rider
17 (b) Deepika Padukon
18 (a) Election
19 (b) Electronic Voting machine
20 (a) ICICI
21 (b) M.S.Kaypee
22 (a) Sunil Mittal
23 (a) S.B. Mittal
24 (b) Mahavira Markande University
25 (a) Elantra